RPA Credit Memo Processing Bot

Now available on the cloud for UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

Compatible with Quickbooks,Simpli and SAP.

Manually processing credit memos is a significant time investment and can be prone to human errors. If your organization receives high volumes of credit memo request, our Credit Memo Request Bot can do the task allowing you to invest that time in other areas of the business.

The bot performs the following tasks:

• Identifies emails requesting a credit memo
• Ingests credit memo request data
• Fills the credit memo submission page on Quickbooks
• Sends a confirmation or declined email to the recipient letting them know their credit memo request has been processed

Take a look at the bot in action:

As with all our other RSaaS Bots this bot is:

1. Available on AWS and AZURE cloud for UiPath and Automation Anywhere
2. Ready for deployment on the cloud within 3 to 5 days
3. Available on the RpaBotPro RSaaS Bot store on a monthly subscription fee

Call us today to schedule a demo and understand how this Bot can benefit your organization.

Contact info :
E-mail info@rpabotpro.com , pankajbakshi@rpabotpro.com | Toll free 1-855-558-2249 | Cell 1-647-702-3393

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