Mortgage Form 1003 ingestion bot with OCR and machine learning capabilities


Available for UiPath and AutomatIon Anywhere

Are you a US  Bank or mortgage company handling 100s of Form 1003 mortgage forms daily, running behind on SLA, concerned about the errors  and highly dependent on FTE.

If you answered yes to any of the above: You need RPABotPro’s “Mortgage Form 1003  ingestion BOT” with OCR and machine learning capabilities

Use-case details:

  • Form 1003  also know as Uniform Residential Loan Application, is the standard form completed by borrowers when applying for a mortgage loan in US.
  • Form 1003 is typically completed twice in the application process: once during the initial application and again at closing.
  • A borrower lists income, including two years of employment history and monthly household income all assets and liabilities on the form when attempting to secure a mortgage loan.
  • Form data is manually input into Mortgage processing software by FTE

Use-case details automated process:

  • Filled out form 1003 is received via email
  • Bot downloads the form, reads data  and ingests data into Mortgage software


  • 95% average handling time saving
  • 100% SLA compliance
  • 0 errors(minimal exceptions only)
  • 2 months ROI

As with all our other RPASaaS Bots this bot is:

  1. Available on AWS and AZURE cloud for UiPath and Automation Anywhere.
  2. Developed, tested and ready for deployment
  3. Production ready in 3 to 5 business days
  4. Available on monthly subscription or outright purchase
  5. Managed services contract
  6. Configurable as per your needs
Take a look at this video of the Bot in action and contact us to schedule a demo and learn how you can procure this and other bots for your organization

Bot demo available on YouTube:

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