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We are a Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence consulting company.

Our RPA and AI consultants are experienced in the development and implementation of Blue Prism, UIpath and Automation Anywhere applications. With projects in Oil & Gas, Human Resources, Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services, we have the experience to help clients like you. Our team of Agile Certified Robotics professionals use industry leading RPA platforms, Blue Prism, UIpath and Automation Anywhere to create Robotics workforce to automate and enable business operations to be agile and cost effective.

Transformation is done through rapid automation of manual, repetitive and rules based back office mundane administrative tasks thus reducing cost and improving accuracy. Your robotics workforce will be deployed within weeks, scalable to account for increase in workflow and managed and updated seamlessly for any change in processes. Our experienced robotics professionals setup RPA Architecture keeping in view compliance and privacy related guidelines inline with SOX audit, PCI audit, HIPAA regulations and your organizations IT and InfoSec governance structure